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    Total Mind Fitness E-Book

    Total Mind Fitness is the second book by Neil Hansen, which takes the concepts from his first book (The Thought Diet) and expands on all concepts with new scientific data to help understand how our thinking and body are related as well as new techniques and processes to help create longer lasting shifts. This book takes the reader from the concept of how we interpret and create reality to teaching the reader how to identify, breakdown and recreate the story that is at the source of their current bodily experience. Equipped with the same ideas, advanced tools and coaching techniques as the interactive website, this book can either serve as an adjunct to the site or as its own source for transformation.
    Price: $19.99
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    The Thought Diet E-Book

    The Thought Diet, the first book by Neil Hansen, will help you understand the real reason why you want to make a change and how to align yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to achieve your goals. You will learn how to identify and rectify the thoughts that are working against you, how to use the law of attraction in your favor, how to tap into and understand your emotional indicators, how to stop food cravings and understand what causes them, and how to shift the intent behind your action to maximize time and energy.
    Price: $9.99
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