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Welcome to the main part of this site, the Neural Reprogramming. The is a step-by-step process designed to, first, help you identify and then breakdown the story you have been living by in regard to your body, which is largely responsible for keeping you where you are. Then as you continue through the sections you will rewrite your story, figure out what you want, why you want what you want, create a Neural Reprogramming Process that will help you rewire your brain for success, work on your believability about attaining your goals and create an inspired action plan so you are taking action that will speed your progress.

As you look to your left, you will see there are nine sections. Each section leads into another section so I advice you start with the first section and don't move on to the next section until you have fully completed the work in that section. Once you have completed a section you are welcome to come back at anytime to review and revise your previous work. Each time you work on a new subject, whether you are revising your body or working on something else in your life you would like to create a solution for, you will be able to create a title for each subject. You will have access to all the work you do by visiting the Personal Resource Center in the top menu bar. Here you will see each subject you have worked on and by clicking each subject you can see all the important data that was saved throughout your progress through each section.

Think of it this way....our reality is formed largely from the information coming in from our 5 senses and mainly from what see, hear and feel. Each of these work to give us information and feedback about dangers in our life that help us survive but when these three become combined they become like a strong chemical molecule that continues to influence our future experiences. The goal of the program is to pull these "molecules" apart and investigate them separately and when they are no longer together they no longer have the same creative force. Because what we hear (our internal dialogue) is one of the most influential and easiest to challenge, the main part of the breaking the story down section is aimed at pulling the language (what you hear) away from what you see and that affects how you feel (there are other tools that work to remove the emotion--how you feel--from the compound so you can think logically about what you see as the problem if you get stuck with the language part). Once this "chemical compound" is at a place of neutrality, you are guided to recreate a new story, a new belief pattern, around what you DO want the same way you created the problem--by combining what you see, feel and hear until you have a strong, creative "chemical compound." Then you will check on the strength of your new belief before creating an action plan that you are excited to follow!!  

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