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The goal of this section is to help you continue to break down your story until you are at peace or better with it so you can leave that story behind. Once you are peace with your story you will deactivate the program that is currently running to create an environment where your body wants to store fat, move less, and crave more. Then your default program, which is to be lean and healthy, will begin to kick in. In the space below is your final story from the last section. Take a moment to review this story.

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Continuation of breaking down the story

The goal now that you have your story is to change it in a way that is seamless and believable from your current standpoint. Trying to tell a story that is way different than your current story will not be believable. For example, if you try to tell a story of optimism when you are currently at anger you will most likely not believe your new story and eventually fall back to anger. Moving to a closer emotional state is the best way to make a shift and have it stick. It's like baby steps.

Below are brief descriptions of three shifting techniques that you can choose from to help you create a better story-one that will help you to stop creating a negative environment in your body that is holding you back from making real progress. One is a technique centered on thinking, another is centered on emotional feeling, and the third is based on physical sensation and physical application. Each one appeals to a different communication style (thinking, emotive, and physical). Read each description or watch the video description of the exercises and pick one that stands out to you the most. You might find yourself trying all three to see which one works best for you.

It might best serve you to test each one of these techniques if you haven't tried them before to see which one creates the best results for you. That technique will also serve you when you revisit this program to revise your goals and will also help you in other areas of your life. Whichever technique you choose, bring your story from above and plug it into the coaching model.

Sugar-coating technique - This technique is designed to have you reach for better feeling thoughts by trying to tell the next best story. You will not be trying to hit a home run and tell the best story ever. You will simply be trying to reach for relief by sugar-coating your current story-telling your story with just a hint of progression in it.
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Reaching for a better emotion technique - This technique is designed to help you feel your way to a better place. By reaching for a better emotional state you should allow better thoughts to find you-the sugar-coating mentioned above is built in to this exercise.
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Emotional freedom technique (EFT) - EFT is a technique that helps you remove the physical sensation of emotion long enough to create a sense of relief. In your state of relief you allow new, next best thoughts to come to you. This technique is a physical process using the ancient practice of acupressure. EFT is a physical technique that has a step-by-step application to take pressure away from having to find better thoughts or better emotions deliberately.
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