Your action plan

Action plan instructions

Using the chart below, write a list of everything you believe you need to do in order to achieve your results by the time you set forth in section four (or revised in section six). Mark everything you need to do action-wise, including cardiovascular activity, resistance training, rest/sleep, what you should be thinking and doing mentally, what you should be eating and drinking, as well as everything you believe you should not be doing. It will also be helpful to consider the habits you should change as well as the new habits you need to develop. It might be helpful to go back and visual the successful you and imagine (or ask--you can, from the third person, ask yourself what you did to accomplish success) what had to be done to get to this goal. Who did the successful you have to be and what did you have to do in order to achieve success?  

For every line of entry there are two boxes on the right. Once you have your list, select all of the things that you are inspired to do (things you enjoy and look forward to doing). Then, use the "uninspired" column to select everything you dislike, which is everything else. Since anything that you don't like is something that may work against you, it is going to be very helpful for you either to eliminate things you don't like or keep the ones you like the idea of doing and become inspired to do them. Click "save" once you are finished then move to view your revised list.

Start from the end and plan backwards

One very powerful thing you can do to help you with your action plan is to start from your end-goal and plan backwards. Meaning, you sit down and imagine yourself at your goal and then think about what you did, action-wise, that week (or weeks) prior to you getting to your goal. Then think about what you did the week (or weeks) before that step. Continue going backwards and thinking about what it is you did to get to each place you stop at until you are in present time. (Hint: it would be helpful to visualize yourself and the level of progression at each stopping point.) You should now see your first step in your action plan.

Further directions for your action details

When writing down the things you think you need to do--whether it is cardio, weights, hydration, sleep, meditation/visualization, eating, recreation, things to avoid, or unhealthy habits--make sure you write things like how often and at what level of activity. For example, if you put that you need to do cardio 2x a week make sure to include what type (if any), how long, how hard, etc. For weight training you could list how long, how many sets/reps, how hard and what type of resistance (tubing, machines, body weight). For hydration you could list how many glasses of water (or other liquids) you should be drinking per day. For sleep, how many hours a night. Meditation/visualization could have what kind, how long and how often. Your eating list could include things to eat and things to avoid eating as well as how much and how often. The more specific you are the easier it will be to follow once you have your final action plan.

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