Welcome to Total Mind Fit!




Hello! I would like to congratulate you on taking it upon yourself to investigate this area of your body, health and life. For without our mental health what do we really have? The goal of this site is to simply take you through the step-by-step coaching process I have been developing and refining since 2004. Much of the information you will find on this site is nothing new—simply just restructured information, tools and processes presented in a usable and repeatable format designed to help you through what is usually a fairly in-depth endeavor.

The coaching process on this site has seven main sections and a bonus section. Each of the main seven sections has video of me explaining the exercises and processes for each part in each section. It might be helpful to pause the video if you need time to either ingest the information, take notes or take extra time to do the exercise while you are watching the video. There are also transcripts of all the exercises in each section if you would rather read them or print them out. All the sections where you input information is geared to lead you to another step in each part of the process so it is advised to fill out each form on the site. You certainly are welcome to use any of these processes or techniques outside of the site of course but know that every answer you put into a field that has a save button not only leads you somewhere but that information will be saved in a resource center where you can have access to later.

You are welcome to jump around from section to section but I do encourage you to go through the process section by section the first time through so you understand the value of each section. After that, you are welcome to come back to any part you need to revise or tune up. This site is also designed to help you in other areas of your life. So once you are finished using this process for your body and health goals feel free to use this for other areas of your life. Section eight will help you with this.

You will also be able to save any of the downloadable or linked information in the resource center so you can have access to it at any time without having to go back through that process.

Lastly, there is a section for additional stress reducing techniques that can help you maintain a strong mental balance outside of doing the coaching process. To get started on your journey, click the link at the top titled section one and follow the directions. You will then follow each step according to how you answers the questions and fill out the forms.

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